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Kiss Alive The Tribute

Friday, June 1st, 2012
What could ever drive people to even attempt to perfect a KISS Tribute Band ?
The total love of the band KISS and remembering its history while honoring the memory of how it used to be. KATT accurately recreate the historical KISS show from late 1975 early 1976.
Accuracy is the most important part of the recipe. They use accurate vintage instruments, amps, makeup, costumes, lighting, and choreography with the music which is also accurately played. Their character roles are accurately portrayed by the band members.
Kiss Alive The Tribute

Kiss Alive The Tribute

KATT will take you back in time and provide the total illusion of being there when it happened. The biggest compliments that they receive are from older fans who were there and remember and they can’t not believe how close the show is to the real shows of long ago. The show is total rock and roll theater set to music. A theatrical stage show set to music and you’ll love it even if your not a hardcore KISS fan.
The show is more than a show. Its much more than just musicians playing the music, its much more than just hearing the songs that made KISS a household name, its seeing and believing that you are now there back in time when it first happened.
All the sights, all the sounds, all the way. If you missed it during your childhood, its time to see what you missed. If you were in your teens or an adult, you’ll get a chance to relive the fantasy, all over again.
You’ll enjoy the experience, KATT pour their souls out every time their perform. Grant Aldrich, the Demon of the band, is responsible for creating the band, spits blood, blows fire, lurching and prowling the stage seeking the next victim. “This is a way for use to pay homage to our heroes and to have a lot of fun at the same time. We give it our all every time we perform.
We are lucky that the demographics of the draw is deep and wide,
Kiss Alive The Tribute

Kiss Alive The Tribute

10 to 60 years of age are not uncommon depending upon the venue access. Being a business man, I just could not resist being involved with something of this stature.
Its a lot of hard work, there are many sacrifices and commitments for an act like this. It’s not only rewarding but probably the most fun while playing music that we grew up with,” he says.Billy Mills staggers around the stage as the Space Ace while hitting all the classic Ace solos. “My first concert was KISS. Before I went, I wanted to be a drummer but after seeing Ace, I left knowing that I would become a guitarist,” says Billy. John Ladislaw plays the Catman part with amazing accuracy, both on the drums and vocally. “I’ve always been a KISS fan and it was an automatic decision to perform as Peter when given the opportunity. I was the original drummer for KISS ARMY and I’m back on the throne, stronger and better than ever, I’m thrilled to be fully involved,” he says.
John Carlazzo, as the Starchild, sings and dances his way through their energetic set. “There is no denial that KISS left their mark on Rock and Roll history.
As someone who loves to perform I enjoy the freedom behind the mic and the ability to exhibit showmanship with enthusiasm for all who share our passion of the legendary band KISS,” John says. This South Florida based band has gained so much popularity that they virtually own the KISS tribute market in the South East U.S. The band was voted 5th most popular KISS Tribute during the Monster Kiss Tribute talent search held just last year in Las Vegas.
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They’ve entertained so many people over the years, including huge festivals, bike rallies, and large auditoriums filled with thousands of people. The band has quite a large following of fans. When a show is announced people literally drive a few hours to see them.
These guys are four experienced talented musicians who love KISS and try to capture the energy and vibe that is KISS and have a blast doing it. The show is a non-stop  out of control roller coaster of all the KISS tunes that launched them to super hero status. No one can “be” KISS except KISS, but these guys are a very entertaining tribute to one of the most iconic, bombastic and over the top bands ever.


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