FIU School of Music

Sunday, January 1st, 2012
FIU School of Music

FIU School of Music

At the Florida International University (FIU) School of Music, they believe that a great school of music is one that provides students with a wide range of musical possibilities. A great school of music is one that fosters an understanding of many cultures and deepens the understanding necessary to be effective across a range of creative settings.A great school of music is one that adapts to emerging forms and changes in what is fundamental for music learning.
It nurtures the motivation and persistence that new artistic visions may demand and the perseverance required for young artists to manifest the gifts they can offer to their cultures. Such a school embraces an evolving world for its possibilities and the new opportunities and challenges that it affords. It provides the tools necessary to empower young musicians in their quest to carve out careers.
The School of Music at FIU offers a dynamic learning environment for informed, creative musicians. Students are fully involved in their chosen fields, where they can recognize clearly what they need to learn in order to become contributors to those fields. Today’s music making draws inspiration from many fields of musical development.
This variety of influences has given rise to an environment in which creation and re-creation are of great importance. The School of Music focuses on the fact that young practitioners must now master a wide range of musical literature and theories, both traditional and new, and a very broad range of skills.  Most importantly, they must become resourceful and entrepreneurial, and able to survive while understanding trends with critical thinking.
Now more than ever, young artists must aim for the highest levels of versatility in order to achieve success. They need the ability to move among diverse cultures and styles and work in a variety of interdisciplinary situations while developing advanced writing, speaking, playing, teaching, technological, and creative skills.
The programs at the school are designed expressly for such artists, helping them to cultivate a range of broad skills while at the same time providing specialized training best suited for meeting their specific goals. More importantly, the programs at the FIU School of Music focus on helping students develop intellectual and critical abilities so that they can best realize their work within wider aesthetic and cultural settings and effectively present that work to the world.
The 20 full-time and 25 part time faculty members have the highest standards in musical knowledge, skill, creativity, and resourcefulness. These qualities help foster the success of our more than 300 graduate and undergraduate students: namely the composers, performers, researcher, and teachers, who will shape the global musical landscape of the future.


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