Miami Dance Magic

Saturday, June 29th, 2013
Miami Dance Magic
July 18th - 22nd.


We are excited about making some changes at Miami Dance Magic! In addition to our new home, MDM is now a part of the Masters Tour! We invite our 50+ couples to join us with their routines as some of the best master dancers in the world compete.We have had the priviledge of hosting dancers from around the world. From Belgium, France and England in the European theatre to friends from Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Miami Dance Magic has been an exciting stop for so many. Our friends across the US and locally have been treated to a unique weekend. One of the items we get kudos for is the extended schedule for so many of our dancers that want the weekend to last as long as possible. We know that some of our dancers have to get home to return to real life, but the rest of us just want to dance and we do everything we can to entice all of you to extend your weekend a little longer!







Location/Address c/o DanSynergy Inc.
626 Rambling Drive East
Wellington, FL 33414
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